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Monday, 27 April 2015 12:40


Written by  Christiana F.

A new, modern pastry shop in Kiev, Ukraine

The Cake is a dessert restaurant, located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by the architects Slava Balbek and Nadya Chabanny from the The interior of the restaurant was created in four months, from the first sketch to the store opening.

The diversity of images and forms presented in an 80 square meters, the main hall has only been achieved due to the fact that most of design elements have been handcrafted. However, the designers called this diversity in the interior after music genre as an "indie" design.

On the contrast to the piles of cakes of ideal geometrical form installed behind the transparent walls of the kitchen, every floor concrete tile has its wrinkle as each of 10.000 of them has been handcrafted and altogether they make up harmonized puzzled surface.

There are two seating areas with different heights and their own dedicated color and tactile symbol. One with rustic wooden high surface with bar chairs standing on metallic racks, while the other one has velvet fabric of cozy bottle-green couches and sofas covered with grayish tones.

The sunlight that walks in through massive windows, fills up the whole space and spreads the opposite glass walls adding contrast to the wonderfully carved bar wooden panels on its way.

The most contrasting element in the design that attracts the attention from all areas, is the huge central sculpture, a fuchsia balloon dog inspired by Jeff Koons' Neo-pop artwork.






cake-7 cake-8

cake-10  cake-11

cake-12  cake-15




cake-17  cake-19





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